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Indigenous graphic artist, Amber Green has created limited edition CMU athletic jerseys for our basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams. These jerseys are now available to the public!  Proceeds go to support the scholarships and bursaries for Indigenous CMU students. Deadline for next order is June 1, 2024.

For $100 (basketball jersey $120), you receive a jersey of your choice and an income tax receipt of about $32.

From the designer: “My name is Amber Green I'm a proud two-spirit Metis woman from Treaty One Territory. I was very honored to design the CMU Treaty One home jerseys and to be given the opportunity that allowed me to represent the land the Blazers play on.

My inspiration was taken from the late Elder Victor Harper, who was a huge advocate of learning from the land and incorporating that into education. He had this one beaded floral design that he would bring to camps and gatherings and use it as a teaching tool, saying that it had different representations about the land: the water the flowers and roots, and how all these different life lessons can be learned from the land.

When CMU invited me to design the jerseys, I thought it would be very fitting to integrate the beaded floral pattern into a design that a school would wear to represent their homeland. The coloured lines on the jersey echo the beautiful ribbon shirt and skirt designs. It represents First Nations heritage, identity, and survival. It's a piece that grounds and connects you to the earth and creator and you wear them as armor and protection. The crest on the player's chest takes elements from the Treaty One flag the red circle represents the circle of life and Indigenous peoples. Yellow represents as long as the sun shines, a line from the treaty promises: “as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow.” The seven yellow sun rays or tipis around the red circle represent the seven First Nations in treaty 1.

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illust. Amber Green
illust. Amber Green
illust. Amber Green