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Fair-trade and local foods



Level Ground Coffee

Canada, Fair-Trade


Country Shop Perogies

Kleefeld, Manitoba

Amanda Lynn Gluten-Free Perogies

Anola, Manitoba




Heartland Meats Farmers Sausage

Horndean, Manitoba


Spenst Meats Pizza

Winkler, Manitoba

Camino Chocolate Bars

Canada, Fair-Trade, Gluten-Free


Level Ground Dried Fruit

Canada, Fair-Trade


La Cocina Tortilla Chips

St. Anne's, Manitoba

Tomahawk Chips

Riverton, Manitoba



Peace by Chocolate



Rede-Made Egg Noodles

Winkler, Manitoba


Friendship Organics Tea

Canada, Fair-Trade, Organic






Black River beverages

Camino Hot Chocolate (different varieties)

Canada, Fair-Trade, Gluten-Free

Harry's Honey

Morden, Manitoba



Speciality products


TruEarth eco-friendly laundry detergent



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Greeting Cards





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