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Submit an original digital resource

We know that pastors new to ministry eagerly seek the counsel of more experienced pastors. We are aware that congregations look to implement processes that other churches have already navigated. We know that local church committees lead creative worship, plan unique educational events, and witness to their neighbourhoods in compelling ways.

We also know that congregations search for these home-grown, tested, original resources.

CommonWord is here to make the link by gathering and cataloguing your digital resources in this online collection. 

Please email your documents for review to




Basic criteria for submission:

  • Reflects our Anabaptist theology and church practice

  • Transfers well to other congregational contexts (i.e., has generic names, place locations, etc.)

  • Is original and doesn’t hold copyright restrictions

  • Complements materials already here or fills a significant gap


In addition:

  • CommonWord and Together in Worship will use their discretion as to which items to post.

  • All submissions will be formatted to a standard template and may be edited for content.

  • This is a free service. Authors will be acknowledged but not remunerated. CommonWord and Together in Worship will not receive any payment.

  • Authors retain copyright of their material, which they may choose to withdraw, if necessary, at any time.

  • Only electronic submissions (Word document preferably) are accepted.

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Sell an original item on consignment

We welcome receiving requests to retail books, artwork, greeting cards and other items on consignment.  For more information, please contact us.




  • Consignment items must serve the mission and ministry of the broader Mennonite and Anabaptist family of churches, and the program interests of CommonWord’s partners – Canadian Mennonite University and Mennonite Church Canada.

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Host a book launch

Due to COVID-19, we are not able to host book launches at Marpeck Commons, as we have typically done.  Special arrangements can be made to have a virtual book launch on Zoom.

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