Send Forth Your Light: A Vision for Peace, Mission, and Worship

Book, 2007, 349 pp
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Swartley develops a biblical theology of peacemaking and witness to the powers. He draws on both Old and New Testaments to address two controversial topics: payment of taxes used to support war-making and what the Bible teaches about Israel.

Underlying these topics are two agonizing questions - can one be faithful to the peacemaking Messiah and continue to support mind-boggling military expenditures? How should Christian believers view Israel, both as a state and as a people?

This book uniquely unifies themes of peace, mission, and worship. Peace and mission, both at the heart of Jesus' gospel, are viewed as God's gift, first and foremost. For those who faithfully worship God, peacemaking and sharing the gospel in mission are the fruit of the faith.

Also available in Korean.

"Willard Swartley's is a distinctive, compelling, and necessary voice in contemporary New Testament scholarship and Christian understanding. The demonstration of the relationship among peacemaking, mission, and worship draws on a lifetime of study and the experience of being part of a Christian church that has sought down the centuries to live what it preaches." - Christopher Rowland, Queen's College, University of Oxford

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