Reaching Up to God Our Creator

Book, 2008
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This resource box highlights the common ground of Aboriginal Sacred Teachings and the Bible, in the hope of fostering respect and understanding among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

In traditional aboriginal settings, elders have been the keepers of wisdom and tradition for the nation and passed this down from generation to generation. Elders are still those older people who have vision for the people, are willing to serve their community by sharing their vision, and who work in caring and loving ways toward achieving it. We hope these sessions will supplement the ongoing ministry of elders in Aboriginal communities and that they will introduce this wisdom tradition to many who lack the opportunity of learning directly from Aboriginal Christian elders. While a resource box such as this can never take the place of respectful engagement with the elders, it does set forth a vision for reaching out to God together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Christians.

This resource box (mainly for ages 9-14 and adults, with adaptations for younger learners) has been developed by church leaders with Ojibway (Anishinabe), M├ętis, Cree, and European roots. This project, which is rooted in respect and grounded in our common love for and redemption by Jesus Christ, has helped us reach both up and out. We hope that using the materials in this box will do the same for you.

(6 sessions)

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