The Emerald Angel

Book, 2008, 198 pp
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A mysterious path through an orchard in the Emerald Valley of British Columbia attracts the attention of young Ava, who knows that her grandmother's house is at the end of the trail. Why do so many people visit Ava's grandmother with their troubles and problems? As Ava watches, her grandmother blesses the visitors with her extraordinary gifts of compassion, empathy and, most of all, listening.
"Wilma Derksen delicately weaves into one rich textured tapestry the various strands of well-told stories, snatches of church history, and meaningful parables. The result is an imaginative creation that conveys the truths about living at peace with God and humankind. Young Ava learns life's most important lessons as she observes her grandmother Olena converse with the angry, discouraged, and mistreated men and women who find the path to her home." - Katie Funk Wiebe, author of Border Crossing and Bridging the Generations
PublisherHerald Press

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