Church Matters Podcast: Episode 13: Does the Church Matter Beyond the Congregational Level? Do Regional Churches, National Churches or Denominations Matter?
Guest: Pam Peters-Pries, Executive Secretary, Support Services, Mennonite Church Canada

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2008, 15 min
For a congregation to carry out God’s work in the world, it is necessary to gather. The same is true for wider levels of the organized church – including the denomination (Acts 11: 25-26). Peters-Pries says, “We would never expect the local church to be effective in carrying out God’s mission in this world unless the local church gathered regularly. In the same way, the national church needs to gather in order to be effective ambassadors for God’s healing and hope.”

This summer, Mennonite Church Canada will continue its tradition of meeting annually (July 7-8, 2008) where delegates will gather to pray, worship, and discern God’s leading together. From July 8-10, Mennonite Church Canada will meet jointly with Mennonite Church USA for a "People’s Summit for Faithful Living." Both events will focus on the theme, “At the Crossroads: Promise and Peril” (Deut. 4:6). Christians are living in especially challenging times, and church unity is being threatened at many levels. Peters-Pries offers a compelling rationale for as many people as possible to participate in these events.

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