Church Matters Podcast: Episode 17: The Surviving Mennonite Church in Ukraine
Guest: Anya Alipova

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2008, 15 min
Russian Mennonites have a lengthy ancestral history with Ukraine. As part of a long migration through Eastern Europe, many Mennonites of ethnic Germanic origin sojourned there for up to 150 years, with approximately 50,000 emigrating to Canada between 1870 and 1950 to escape disagreeable government policies, and Bolshevik Revolution during the 1920s. Today, Canadian Mennonites still relate to people in Ukraine, most often through church-based connections.

Anya Alipova (left on picture), is a Church Council member and Sunday School Director at Zaporozhye Evangelical Mennonite Church, and a professional interpreter. In this episode, we asked Anna what the Mennonite Church means to her. Ala Syniakova (right on picture), is Church Council Chair at Zaporozhye Evangelical Mennonite Church and a medical doctor. They deeply value what it means to be part of a Mennonite Church in Ukraine.

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