A Genealogy of Grace

2006, 10 pp
A Christmas pageant that explores the peculiar genealogy of Jesus Christ, and concludes this way:

"If God's indescribable power could be displayed throughout history through these betrayers and outcasts; if God's perfect plan could be accomplished by people who were such a complex mixture of sinners and saints, and through so many obscure and undistinguished others, it is a pretty hopeful testament to the likelihood that God is using us, with our individual flaws and gifts, in all manner of powerful, peculiar and unexpected ways.

Who of us can say we're not in the process of being used right now, this Advent, to fulfill God's purpose? Who knows how we fit in to the grand scheme of what God is doing? The same God who anointed David, the same God who redeemed Rahab and used the traitor Judah, is the very God who sent Jesus as a tiny baby to save each one of us. This is the same God who desires to complete the work in us this very night.

We know it is beyond lineage now. It is about calling each other to be part of God's story. So what if we think tonight about continuing the story of the sequence of Jesus Christ in this way: "Jesus Christ called Peter.... and Peter called Paul, ..... and Paul called Timothy.... someone called us, ....and we must call others. By the love and grace and kindness of God the story goes on and will go on until he comes again."

(9 actors, choir, 60 min.)

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