Signs of God at the Crossroads

2008, 52 pp

The writing team for this year’s Season of Prayer material has highlighted signs of God in Deuteronomy 4:1-9 that can help us find our way. They have reflected on how these signs are fulfilled in and built upon by Jesus and what they might mean for the church today. Significantly, the signs they discerned are all experienced in community. In a community the varied gifts of its members serve the group, so that a weak sense of geographic orientation, or difficulty with meeting deadlines, need not lead to anyone losing their way.

Israel’s covenant, as described in Deuteronomy, and the church’s new covenant with Jesus, is about developing and maintaining life-giving relationships in a faith community. It is about what we can become with God’s help as we worship and serve together. None of us are challenged with making and following through on these discipleship decisions on our own. The good news of God’s kingdom is that God’s church, with its life-giving relationships, is a gift of God to Christians and through us to the world we live in.

Also available in German.

(5 sessions)

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