Pax Avalon: Conflict Revolution

Book, 2008
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Avalon City is a sprawling metropolis with all the problems of a big city: pollution, crime, corruption, and support systems stretched to their limits. Into this mess steps Julianna Embry, a person with an incredible gift who is dedicated to bringing peace to Avalon City. Pax, as she is called, joins ACSO, the mayor's special operations team. It is a group of four highly trained and diverse officers who address extreme crises that the city's fire and police systems cannot handle. With Pax's help they face off against a mysterious adversary who also has designs on Avalon City—resulting in a clash of ideals that will change the city forever.

Graphic novels are an expression of the struggle to bring peace and order to our lives. The world of Pax Avalon embodies this struggle, with the added element of hope that there actually is a way that leads to peace. Six different perspectives clash head on with the people of Avalon City as the prize.

Also see the sequel, Pax Avalon, Birthright.
ExpressionGraphic Novel
PublisherHerald Press

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