#02 - The Meaning of Peace: Biblical Studies; 2nd Edition

2001, 310 pp

This volume consists of essays on peace—shalom and eirene—in scripture. Translated from German, the essays were selected in order to put the issues on the table and thus provide an exegetical context in which further research, testing, and exploration of biblical understandings of peace can continue.


  • Peace—God’s Gift: Biblical-Theological Considerations (Jacob Kremer)
  • Peace (Shalom) in the Old Testament (Claus Westermann)
  • Eirene—The Early Christian Concept of Peace (Erich Dinkler)
  • The Dual Concept of Peace (Luise Schottroff)
  • The Jerusalem Conceptions of Peace and Their Development in the Prophets of Ancient Israel (Odil Hannes Steck)
  • Prophetic Speech about the Future (Jürgen Kegler)
  • Peace and the Sword in the New Testament (Hubert Frankemölle)
  • Swords into Plowshares: Misuse of a Word of Prophecy (Hans Walter Wolff)
  • Response to Hans Walter Wolff (Wolfhart Pannenberg)
  • The Significance of the Biblical Witnesses for Church Peace Action (Ulrich Luz)

"These pieces speak with explicit political agenda and with a moral urgency unusual in biblical scholarship. The Bible continues to be invoked in contemporary politics, almost always in a crass and dogmatic manner. That the Bible can be useful politically without being oversimplified or abused is a lesson that biblical scholars very much need to teach. This volume is a helpful contribution to this effort." - Robert J. Miller

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