Losers, Loners, and Rebels: The Spiritual Struggles of Boys

Book, 2007, 204 pp
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The early years of adolescence are a tumultuous time, full of challenges an opportunities that can shape one's whole life. In recent years, several books have analyzed this period of life for girls, but this is one of the first books to investigate the interior life of boys as they develop their sense of self and begin the spiritual journeys that will carry them throughout their lives.

The authors contend that adolescent boys often experience themselves at various times as losers, loners and rebels. As self-defined losers, boys begin to realize self-awareness: as loners they begin to understand their own relatedness to the larger world: as rebels they gain a sense of self-sufficiency. Through these common experiences of life, boys learn important lessons that help shape the spirituality that will last a lifetime.

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