A New Heart: Songs of Faith for Small and Tall

CD, 2009, 40 min
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In "A New Heart", his 4th studio album, Bryan Moyer Suderman again draws from the deep wells of biblical vision and wisdom with original songs that are evocative, engaging, simple without being simplistic. This is Bryan's most ambitious release to date - both musically and theologically - singing from Genesis to the Gospels, Esther to Ephesians with a top-flight crew of backing musicians in styles ranging from folk and bluegrass to zydeco, bossa nova and New Orleans jazz. "Small" and "tall" together will delight in singing and dancing and treasuring these songs for a long time to come.

Listen to song samples on iTunes.

Also see Bryan's other 3 CDs: God's Love is for Everybody, Can't Keep Quiet, and My Money Talks.

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