Beatrice's Goat

Book, 2001, 36 pp
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Beatrice's Goat, a true story about a nine-year-old Ugandan girl, is the result of a trip to East Africa. It is a heartwarming reminder that families, wherever they live, can change their lives for the better. To do it, they need three things: resources, training, and community support.

Beatrice's family received a goat that provided nutrition and income, knowledge of how to care for this precious gift without harming the environment, and a supportive community that looks forward to sharing the benefits as Mugisa's offspring multiply and are given to an ever-widening circle of families.

Now that Beatrice and her brothers and sisters have milk to drink, they are no longer malnourished. The steady income from the sale of the extra milk has allowed Beatrice to attend school for the first time, as well as assuring her family that there will always be money to buy badly needed medicine, clothing, and supplies. Soon, another family - and another, and another - will enjoy these same benefits.

The story of Beatrice is an invitation to all of us to support those efforts that provide resources, educate families, and lift community spirits.
ExpressionIllustrated/Picture Book
PublisherAlladin Paperbacks

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