The Storyteller's Companion to the Bible: Volume Thirteen - New Testament Women

Book, 1999, 208 pp
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When we think about the stories of women in Scripture, we often turn first to the stories of the Old Testament. Yet the New Testament is also rich in narratives about the lives of women, a fact we often forget. Even though women were often overlooked to the point of being invisible in the society of the day, they played pivotal roles in the New Testament stories of the ministry of Jesus and the rise of the early church. Elizabeth, Anna, and most especially Mary anchor the story of Jesus' birth. The woman with a hemorrhage, the Syro-Phoenician woman, and the woman at the well remain unnamed by the authors of the Gospels, yet they are central characters in the gospel story, even to the point of challenging Jesus' own understanding of the reach of God's concern for humankind. Mary Magdalene, the sisters Mary and Martha, and the women who stayed last at the foot of the cross and appeared first at the empty tomb embody and demonstrate the meaning of discipleship. Through biblical commentary and creative retellings, this volume opens up the world, and the lives, of the women of the New Testament, providing a compelling picture, both for women and men, of what it means to be a person of faith.
GenreBiblical Retelling
TopicGeneral Women in the Bible
PublisherAbingdon Press

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