Wrestling With Angels: An Intimate Look at the Tough Questions of Life

DVD, 2006, 66 min
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"Why didn't God answer my prayers?" If God's so good, why is there so much evil in the world?" "The Bible says to forgive, but how can I?" "Why is there senseless tragedy?" "Is it OK to doubt?" "Why is it so hard to love?" Often these are questions that people say led them away from God. But we've found that by wrestling with them, you actually grow closer to God.

This six part video curriculum examines the varied experiences of ordinary people as they challenge issues of faith from a variety of real-life tough questions. Each episode is hosted by a well-known author who has struggled with and written about these particular issues
  • Guidance - How Do I Know What to Do?
  • Why Me? - If You're so Good Why are Things so Awful?
  • Prayer - Why Don't My Prayers Get Answered?
  • Forgiving - How Do I Forgive and Get on With my Life?
  • Doubt - How Can I Question and Still Believe?
  • Love - Why Is Loving So Hard?
Includes study guide.

(6 sessions)

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