The Blue Book: What We Wish We Had Known

Book, 88 pp
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This resource is designed to address the most frequently asked questions about homosexual orientation.

Experience suggests that not everyone is interested in the same aspects of this issue, so this book uses a "Question and Response" format. Written from the experiences of a Presbyterian congregation, they noted that most were concerned initially with the survival of their families. Some wanted to know more about the scientific perspective or social issues; others wanted to know exactly what the Bible said. Some did not quite understand why a gay person would "come out" or what sexual orientation was.

These questions cover areas that the congregation wished it had understood before their loved ones disclosed their identity. Like any organized society, families with information, openness and love can heal and be transformed. It is hoped that the experience and search of this congregation will be useful to others and will open dialogue, reduce fear and estrangement among families and help in the healing of broken relationships.
AudienceAdults, Youth

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