Mining Justice: Promoting justice for affected people, communities and the earth

DVD, 2010, 20 min
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Around the world, Canadian companies are at the forefront of the mining and resource extraction industry. Seventy-five percent of all mining companies in the world are based in Canada. In 2008 some 1200 companies operated in Canada and in 100 other countries.

Canadian mining operations around the world are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, mines provide jobs, they contribute to the host nation’s economy, and they often contribute schools, clinics and similar supports to local communities. But there is another side. Jobs are often short-lived and the financial benefits to the economy are meager. Mines often displace people from their homes, destroy land, and contaminate water supplies. Frequently, the people who occupy the land – often, Indigenous peoples – are not adequately consulted. Sometimes, Canadian mining operations contribute to human rights violations, violence and armed conflict.

MCC is no expert on mining. However, our partners here in Canada and around the world tell us that the practices of Canadian mining companies are contributing to their suffering. They remind us that we are part of the problem. MCC does not have the answers but we commit ourselves to a journey for mining justice.

Includes 2 segments:
  • La Mina - features people of Guatemala and Honduras talking about the impact of Canadian mining operations on their communities (15 min).
  • Gold Mine - tells the story of Francisco Machado, a Mennonite pastor involved in mining reform in Honduras (5 min).
Includes study guide.

(1-2 sessions)

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