Being a Faithful Church 2 Document (2010): 'Peace Church' as 'Pacifist Church'

This document builds on the first one, Being a Faithful Church: Testing the spirits in the Midst of Hermeneutical Ferment. That companion document, affirmed by the Assembly 2009 delegates, is an essential foundation for this effort to move forward some of the key points of biblical/spiritual discernment.

In this second step we want to apply some of the principles of discernment to one of the themes that was identified, namely being a Peace Church. We trust that this can function as a helpful model for how other (many) issues can be addressed in the church.

It is important to emphasize and underline that the focus is to strengthen our capacity to discern God's will; it is not to resolve the particular case-study we are using to "practice."

Also listen to Jack's introduction to this paper.

Also see the accompanying presentation Jerusalem or Bethlehem?.

Also see the larger 2011 version (Parts 1-3).

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