Faith and Hope in the Midst of Changing Times

2010, 68 pp
The original version of these materials appeared in 1999 and was entitled Hope and Prayer in the New Millennium. Each of the reflections sought to help the church deal with the changes and challenges that a new millennium would bring. The beginning of the new millennium is by now distant memory, but the reality of change and the accompanying challenges are probably even more real today than over a decade ago.

The meditations here have been thoroughly updated and re-written to reflect both changing times and changes in the author's faith over the last eleven years.

Chapters/Themes of this five-week package:
  • In the Face of Change: If we as Christians are rooted in our story, remain God-centered, sort out our loyalties, and live as a covenant people, then we can confidently face changing times.
  • Bless the LORD, O My Soul: One of the most important things we as a church do in any time and place is to offer our joyous and heartfelt praise to God.
  • Nurturing a Spirit of Resistance: As God’s people, we owe our primary allegiance to God. Therefore, in changing times we are called to nurture a discerning spirit of resistance to the world.
  • Living between Reality and Hope: Our calling is to live between acceptance of some of the painful realities of life, and the hope we have that with God new things are possible.
  • Nothing Can Separate Us . . . : No matter what crises we face either individually or collectively, the Bible assures us that there is nothing in all of creation that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
The sessions in this booklet have been written with several purposes in mind. Perhaps the ideas presented in each chapter, together with the worship resources and questions for discussion, can provide enough “grist for the mill” for January Prayer Week services, or a series of Sunday worship services, or adult Sunday school classes, or Bible studies.

Our prayer is that readers will find nourishment in the pages that follow, and words that God might use to help us talk ourselves into believing more firmly and living more faithfully in the midst of changing and challenging times.

(5 sessions)

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