2011 World Fellowship Sunday: Serving God Together as One Family of Faith

2010, 4 pp
This is the first time WFS materials have been prepared by an intercontinental and intergenerational team, led by the MWC Youth Task Force (YTF). Early on the YTF decided its work needed to be intergenerational. “We quickly realized that we don’t solely need creative ideas from young people,” said Melani Susanti, YTF Asia Representative and WFS 2011 co-coordinator. “We also needed the knowledge and wisdom of the elder members of the church. That’s how the idea of creating intergenerational WFS material came about.”

The ages of those involved in creating the materials range from 19 to 67 years old. They come from ten countries in five continents— Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, and Switzerland. Each part was developed by two people, one younger and one older, working in tandem.

The planners’ goals for WFS 2011 are to provide a day:
  • to recognize what both young and old bring to the body of Christ;
  • for young people to recognize they need to work together with leadership and senior members in the church;
  • when young people support senior members and seniors encourage the young;
  • when different generations make extra effort to work together.

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