Your Brain Goes to Church: Neuroscience and Congregational Life

Book, 2005, 186 pp
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Emerging discoveries in brain science are sparking new areas of research as cutting-edge educators and psychologists are asking, “What can we learn from brain science about how we function in the world?” In Your Brain Goes to Church, ever-provocative author Bob Sitze joins the conversation with a new question: What does the human brain have to do with the beliefs, practices, and structures of congregations?

Weaving together clear, accessible explanations about the workings of the human brain (an extensive glossary makes it easy to follow the more technical sections), Sitze shows how a congregation’s identity and behaviors are shaped by the work of individual members’ brains as well as by the “collected brain” of the congregation.

Sitze plunges in with tough questions, such as, What’s the difference between “I believe” and “I know”? How do belief and knowledge show up in your congregation? Where is God in these brain activities? What does the brain’s growth and development mean for congregations? How do congregations deal with the fact that the brain cannot pay attention to everything? What happens when people feel afraid? How do we learn, and what is memory about—and how can congregations be more brain-friendly?

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