Questions of Mennonite Faith: A Pastor Responds

2010, 6 pp
Posed with the following questions of faith, a Mennonite pastor responds with some simple but comprehensive answers:
  • What are the basic doctrines of the Mennonite faith?
  • Do you believe in the Trinity - How do you explain/interpret the Trinity?
  • Where do good people go when they die?
  • Where do evil people go when they die?
  • Why do we live on the earth before going to heaven?
  • Why are there different types of Mennonites (i.e. old order, modern)?
  • Where will humankind be in 100 years?
  • What is the church's feelings on homosexuality?
  • How do we know the bible is not just another old book?
  • In times of war, what side is God on?
  • Are your ministers paid?
  • If someone were looking for the right religion, what should they look for - How can they identify the right religion or are all religions right?

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