Reading Scripture Through Other Eyes

How do we read scripture? Do we read them on our own, deciding what to believe? Do we read them as part of a group, with a similar mindset? Do we read them with a world view?

Often in times of change, we find our grounding in reading scripture. But what we read and believe may be different from what someone around the world reads and believes.

These video lectures of Trinity Institute's 41st National Theological Conference explore the theory and practice of Bible study that is authentic and transformative. Speakers will address topics including:
  • What concerns do scholars have when reading scriptures?
  • What does an ordinary reader bring?
  • How does our culture influence what truths we may find in scripture?
  • How do we read scripture together?
Reading Scripture through Other Eyes will consider these questions and others in order to help us become more conscious of what we are looking for when we return to the Bible as a source of inspiration.

Downloadable Theological Reflection Guide.

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