Prince of Peace, God of War: How did "Love Your Enemies" Get So Complicated?

DVD, 2007, 60 min
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For the first three centuries that the church existed, those belonging to the faith of Christianity understood the words and example of Jesus to be a clear directive to never be involved with violence. To be a Christian was to be a Pacifist, and during those formative years the church endured several persecutions at the hands of the Roman Empire itself without ever considering taking up the sword against their aggressors.

How did this faith, known and identified for its non-violent beliefs, go on to conduct the crusades, the inquisitions, witch hunts, and today have 87% of white evangelical Christians support President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war with Iraq? How did this religion, founded by a Pacifist and known (even criticized) for non-violence, become a religion known for its aggression, war, political power and embracing of violence?

Prince of Peace, God of War is a non-sensationalized visual record of Director John Campea's (a former evangelical Christian and minister) journey across North America, speaking with historians, professors and religious leaders about these issues. The basic question is a simple one: Should Christians kill people?

Topics include:
  • History: the early church to Constantine
  • Just War Theory (Augustine)
  • Christian Pacifism
  • The Silent Church
  • The Old Testament
  • Submit to the Authorities (Romans 13)
  • The Anger of Jesus in the Temple
  • The Roman Centurion
  • Abortion and Violence
  • The Need for Violence vs. Love Your Enemies
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