The Pattern Of Our Days: Worship in the Celtic Tradition from the Iona Community

Book, 182 pp
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The ecumenical Iona community worships in the ancient Celtic tradition, while imbuing their prayers with a contemporary commitment to peace, justice, and the rediscovery of an integrated spirituality.

The Pattern of Our Days is a collection of Iona's actual liturgies, litanies, responses, and meditations. Like all their prayers, these are honest, earthy, and original. They can be used as is by both individuals or groups, or adapted for ideas for other acts of worship.

Believing that no part of life is beyond the reach of faith, these prayers and liturgies emphasize the whole person praying with both intellect and senses. The material draws deeply from Celtic and Benedictine traditions, as well as the Liturgy of the Hours, but also seeks to actively include all as part of a worldwide church.

The wide-ranging themes covered by the prayers and liturgies include pilgrimage, healing, witness, dissent, sanctuary, forgiveness, thanksgiving, cursings, blessings, and more.

Designed to encourage creativity in worship, this book is a unique resource for parishes, liturgy-planning committees, small faith groups, and religious communities. It's also inspirational reading for the individual seeker, those interested in monasticism, and those drawn to Celtic spirituality--whether their own roots lie there or not.

Contents include:

Pilgrimage and Journeys

  • 1 Blessing
  • 7 Liturgies


  • 3 Liturgical Services

Acts of Witness and Dissent

  • 4 Liturgies

A Sanctuary and A Light

  • 3 Liturgies

Beginnings and Endings of Worship

  • 9 Readings

Short Prayers

  • 9 Prayers

Prayers for Forgiveness

  • 10 Prayers

Words of Faith

  • 8 Readings


  • 9 Prayers


  • 18 Prayers

Litanies and Responses

  • 5 Litanies

Cursings and Blessings

  • 1 Responsive Reading
  • 5 Blessings
  • 4 Readings

Reflections, Readings, and Meditations

  • 4 Readings
  • 1 Meditation

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