Money: Beyond the News

DVD, 1997, 55 min
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Session titles include:
  • Money: How is our thinking about money influenced by society and family?
  • To Be Blessed: Is having a lot of material things a sign of God's blessing?
  • The Call: In what ways does following Jesus change my life?
  • To Be a Steward: Does stewardship mean careful spending or taking risks?
  • Security/Idolatry: Where do we find security? Do investments deny our security in God?
  • Wealth: Enough is .... Do we need everything we can afford?
  • Production/Consumption: How does following Jesus affect our choices about what we eat, what we wear, what we do for recreation?
  • Poverty: What excuses do we use to protect ourselves from the suffering in the world?
  • First Fruits/Giving: Why limit tithing to 10 percent?
  • Teaching Children: How do we teach children to understand the difference between needs and desires?
(10 sessions)

Public Performance Rights Included.
GenreGroup Study/Workshop
AudienceAdults, Youth

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