Sign Up and Follow Jesus: Year B, Lent 2012

illust. Megan Kamei
2011, 30 pp
This year our Lent materials for Sunday worship have the theme, "Where do I sign up?" Since many of the participants in these At-Home devotional activities do not yet write, but know about signing up for activity classes, this At-Home booklet is named "Sign up and Follow Jesus." May this booklet help your family do just that. May we all grow in joy and trust on this journey with Jesus, wherever we are on our journey of faith, knowing that God has written his covenant on our hearts, and that these Lent practices will help us respond to God's gracious initiative.

This resource adapts and simplifies prayers and themes from Winter 2011/12 Leader magazine. Use this resource whenever and however it fits into your routines and life stage realities. If your family has younger children, you may simplify, shorten, and paraphrase the prayers and pondering questions.

To use this booklet for daily worship times:
  • Repeat the litany for each day of the week, and read the daily scripture recommendations. The lectionary texts are divided into seven short readings.
  • Activity suggestions arise from the theme, the scripture selections, and the various ways people engage in learning and worshiping.
  • The pondering questions are designed to allow God to speak to each household member in a personal way. Enjoy a short time of silence after each question and feel free to share or ponder these thoughts in your heart.

In this book, you will meet Chris and a mischievous feathered-friend, Selah, as they embark on the adventure of responding to God’s call.

Chris and Selah want to become your friends. Send Chris and Selah an email about your Lent journey.

Also check out the cool colouring pages.

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