Just a Kid Without a Computer: Unformatted Adventures

Book, 2011, 178 pp
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You are invited to discover your own story as you read Hugo Neufeld's boyhood adventures. "Stories fascinate me," says Neufeld in the Preface, "they teach, they inform, they give perspective, they point out our inconsistencies and foibles. Stories celebrate; they articulate sorrows; they bring joy and laughter to an audience of one or many ... Enjoy, and allow the tales to release your own spirit of adventure, an impulse that comes from the God in whose image you are created."
"Hugo captivates us with intriguing, sometimes humorous, stories of growing up in a close-knit, rural family. In the midst of both boyhood struggles and a joyful passion for life, he communicates the unconditional love of God and of his family. The light-hearted anecdotes and the painful experiences, woven so easily with nuggets of wisdom, will leave you with both a smile and a pondering heart." -- Michelle Hunsberger
TopicManitoba, Ontario
PublisherMillrise Publishing

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