Dealing with Teenage Pregnancy

PART OF SERIES Close to Home Series
2012, 11 pp
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Teen pregnancy is an unexpected shock. It's unplanned, it's scary, and it can make you feel very alone. It's important that you talk to people. As the pregnant girl, you may need to talk to the baby's father and see if you can go through this together. If not, know that there are others who care about you. If you are the one who has fathered a baby, you need to support the pregnant girl, who is in a very difficult situation.

If you are pregnant as a result of being raped, or you were pressured into sex, you may be feeling very alone and betrayed. It's not your fault; you need help. Find a trusted adult or a counselor who can help you.

There are people who care about you. Think of someone you can trust and talk to that person - Mom, Dad, a caring relative, an adult at your church, your pastor, a counselor, a helpful teacher, or a health provider. They will help you.

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