2012 Mission Sunday: A Living, Engaging Church

2012, 2 pp
The focus of this resource is on being an engaging Church, something for which South Africans are longing. The Church was extremely active in South Africa during the struggle against Apartheid. Now that Apartheid has been officially dismantled the lament arises from within the South Africans that it has lost its prophetic voice even though racial injustice continues. Many South Africans are yearning for and working to build a church that engages its world, speaks Truth and Love in the face of injustice, walks with the poor and oppressed, and witnesses to God’s shalom in places of pain, division and inequality.

The call to be such a church is not limited to South Africa, but is part of God’s mission around the world. On this Mission Sunday, the selected Scripture texts and prayers call all of us to join God in this ministry, through our personal engagement and our offerings that support those who minister in our name.
PublisherMennonite Church Canada

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