Year C, Advent to Epiphany, 2012/13: Flood of Mercy

illust. Megan Kamei
2012, 20 pp
During the season of Advent, God’s children approach Christmas with a unique focus. This year the weeks of Advent invite us to experience the flood of God’s mercy. We begin by wading in faithfulness. Then we face, not the flood, but the refining fire of God in week 2, and respond to the flood of God’s mercy with repentance, renewal, and restoration in week 3. Week 4 carries us on a flood of reversal which restores right relationships and helps us celebrate Christmas. In week 5, we rejoice in his rain (or is it reign?). Finally, in week 6 God’s flood of light illuminates the world as we celebrate Epiphany. May your season be flooded with joy as well as mercy!

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