The Question of God: Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis

DVD, 2004, 225 min.
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The Question of God explores two diametrically opposed views of human existence through the lives of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. Both wrote passionately on the subject of God's existence, rigorously and relentlessly pursuing truth, and both displayed courage of conviction in the ways they lived their lives. Their intellectual work strives to answer not only what we should believe, but also how we should live.

The series raises several fundamental questions: Does God exist? How does one decide what is moral? What does it mean to love your neighbour? How are we to understand suffering and death? Through dramatic storytelling and compelling re-creations, Freud and Lewis debate the answers to these questions, and a panel of seven men and women, from diverse walk of life, confront these issues in their own lives.

Programs include:
  • Transcendent Experience: C.S. Lewis' experience of "joy"
  • Science or Revelation?: Freud chooses the scientific worldview
  • Exalted Father: The relationship between parental authority and ultimate authority
  • Why Believe?: Lewis' militant atheism crumbles
  • Miracles: Lewis is transformed into an outspoken believer
  • Love Thy Neighbour: Lewis and Freud hold two very different views of love
  • The Human Condition: Freud explores the "dark side" of humanity
  • Moral Law: Lewis argues for an absolute standard of right and wrong that transcends time and culture
  • Suffering and Death: Freud and Lewis face grief, and their own deaths
Discussion guide included.

(9 sessions)

PBS grants permission to use this "home-use" copy in church educational/classroom settings.

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