It is Enough - God Will Provide: Communion Service

2012, 6 pp
“Is it enough? Is it enough?” That is a question that constantly haunts us as humans. It takes many forms in many settings:
  • Will I have enough money – for basic needs, for unknown circumstances, to enjoy life, for retirement?
  • Do I have enough energy and commitment and perseverance? For my job, for my volunteer work, for my many projects, for my church involvements?
  • Do I have enough love and patience and kindness – as a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, a friend?
  • Do I have enough gifts and talents for what I am invited to do or involved in? school, community, church?
  • Am I getting enough out of life, living up to my potential, doing what I should be doing?
  • Do I share enough – of myself with others – my time, my compassion, my money, my gifts?
Is it enough? So often our basic approach to life is one of scarcity – there will not be enough money, energy, talents, resources, love. There is only so much to go around. We worry about shortages, about not measuring up, about failing. We can be full of anxiety. It can be paralyzing. There are so many questions of ‘enough?’

As we prepare to receive the bread and cup of communion, we are invited to listen to a number of Scriptures that contain the question “Is it enough?” Three readers will share these Scriptures, and share different wondering questions and comments. Allow your mind and your spirit to hear and listen deeply, to take them in, to connect to your own questions of ‘enough’ and your own longings and desires. May the Scriptures truly feed us.

The concluding service of a 8-week series.

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