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All of us from the day we are born have embarked on a spiritual journey that shapes every aspect of our life from our internal world within our soul (our mind, heart, and will) to the external world we live in. However, most people pay little attention to this spiritual journey. Instead, like the world we live in, most of our attention is focused on the external physical world...the one that we can see, smell, taste, hear, and touch. In fact, one could say that our culture has an obsession with the outside world. However, this external physical world arises from the invisible spiritual realm that we all live in...the realm of thoughts, beliefs, visions, dreams, a multitude of emotions and feelings, physical body sensations...both within ourselves, but also within our institutions and companies, governments, and our global world.

This inner journey is the path that our world needs to follow, but it will only happen as people, one person at a time, purposely follow this inward path to spiritual transformation. This is the purpose of this inner journey ministry, to help people personally travel this spiritual journey.

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