Animal Barn: A Play

2005, 7 pp

This play is designed to be flexible according to the acting needs or wants of your performers. Actors may be age 5 and up (or younger, with direct help).


  • Option 1: Only 3 people ever speak - the 3 Narrators.
  • Option 2: If they wish to, some children could repeat the line that is attributed to them, after the Narrator speaks it.
  • Option 3: Some older actors might learn and deliver their lines. Narrators merely say the lead-in (ie. "Murph said...") as necessary.


  • The action is basically in a big circle on the stage. For the most part, actors stand up when they hear themselves mentioned - and do the action or simply flap, wag or whatever when they hear their own words spoken by the Narrator, then sit back down. As the conflict of the story progresses, each animal group leaves the circle for a pre-designated spot on the stage a little farther from one another. Toward the end, they return to centre stage and are re-united.

(16 actors, 15 min.)

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