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The words “second-hand” have been a part of my vocabulary for as long as I can remember. I grew up with hand-me-downs and things my mom bought at the local Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Thrift Shop. When I began earning my own money, it was just natural that I would shop there as well. I still have the very first item I bought with my own money over 25 years ago: an over-sized, man’s sweater. You can read more about that in my first blog.

Why “Thrift Shopper for Peace”? For me, thrift is more than a shopping option, it is a lifestyle. It is active peacemaking. Thrift shopping supports the environment, volunteerism in the community, charity at home and abroad. It creates a level shopping ground for people of all income levels. When I donate and purchase at a thrift shop I’m keeping things out of a land-fill – making peace with the environment. When I volunteer, I am part of a community of people that I might not interact with otherwise – making peace in my community. When I support a charity (by donating, purchasing and volunteering) I am helping to build peace at home and around the world. Supporting a shop that enables people of all income levels to own things of value is, to me, a peace value as well. And it doesn’t hurt that you save a ton of money when you shop thrift.

I live with my husband and son in Abbotsford. I work for Mennonite Central Committee in BC as the writer in the communications department; so I’m naturally biased towards MCC Thrift Shops and when I make my donations, it’s usually there. But I’m not exclusive. I’ll shop at any thrift shop and one of my favourite things to do when I travel is to find out where the thrift shops are and visit them. I’ll share some of my finds on this blog. I hope that what is shared on this blog will be of encouragement and value to all who read it. Looking forward to your ideas too.
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