What Language Shall I Borrow?: God-Talk in Worship : A Male Response to Feminist Theology

1989, 264 pp
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Wren explores the Bible in terms of linguistic biases and with an eye to feminist theology. The heart of this volume is the premise that the church needs to find within Scripture a wide range of personal and nonpersonal titles for God. It is time, asserts Wren, to move beyond language which is exclusively that of male-kingship, which he dubs KINGFP (King-God-Almighty-Father-Protector).

As one might guess, this book struggles with issues that touch the very core of who God is and how God is addressed in our worship. Wren intersperses pages of theology and linguistic analysis with delightful hymns which he has written in the past few years. In so doing, he provides a multitude of examples of both personal and nonpersonal terms for God which begin to fill out our image of God.
"A book of tremendous value to liturgists, theologians, members of the newly forming men's liberation movement, clergy and policymakers, and anyone interested in the issue of inclusive God-language, including those who are curious about why it matters in the first place... interspersed with moving hymn texts, practical workshop ideas and fascinating narratives."
The Presbyterian Outlook

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