For a Church to Come: Experiments in Postmodern Theory and Anabaptist Thought

Book, 2013, 177 pp
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Taking a cue from one of the most (in)famous postmodern thinkers, Friedrich Nietzsche, the essays in this book put forth "experiments" in thought rather than arguments for fixed conclusions. Blum brings John Howard Yoder to the same table with Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida, and provides a provocative glimpse of what the resulting conversation might look like.

As Anne Lamott and others have recently insisted, faith is not the opposite of doubt, but of certainty. Blum's essays explore some of our commonly held ways of talking about knowledge, meaning, commitment, and action. He suggests that some postmodern theoretical work, often dismissed or assumed to be anti-Christian, is well worth bringing into contemporary Anabaptist-Mennonite conversations about discipleship and corporate life.

Also available in Korean.

GenreAcademic Theory/Thesis
ExpressionGeneral Writing/Recording
PublisherHerald Press

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