Trigger Volume 3

DVD, 2008, 14 min.
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In Trigger Volume 3, you'll find five vignettes perfect for use in your youth group:
  • "Starving"
    Through juxtaposition this Trigger explores the often-ignored dynamic of spiritual starvation in those who seem to have every physical need met.
  • "Boxes"
    Through examination of the modes and notives of this lifestyle, "Boxes" questions the sanity of living a life compartmentalized.
  • "A History"
    In the future, when children open their history books, there will be no mention of your life. So why does any of this matter?
  • "To Begin"
    If traditions are the living faith of the dead, does that make traditionalism the dead faith of the living? This Trigger asks what it would take to free yourself from a faith that merely goes through the motions. Where is the best place to begin a life more authentic?
  • "The Leaper"
    Is true courage and faith in the initial leap or in the commitment to leap again and again?
PDF Discussion Guide included.

(5 Sessions)

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