Get Help with the Dove: Incorporating the Mennonite Church Canada Dove Symbol

illust. Glenn Fretz

Please note that updated guidelines are forthcoming. [2020]

The simple dove and olive branch reflect Jesus's life, baptism and ministry; the Holy Spirit; the biblical themes of creation, peace and hope; and the mission and values of Mennonite Church Canada.

We are encouraging our congregations to incorporate the dove symbol into their communications, signage, letterhead etc. We believe it is an effective way to symbolize our unity in these changing and challenging times.

Below you will find some examples of how to use the logo in conjunction with your church name or existing church logo.

While we encourage congregations to use and incorporate the symbol into their own stationery, we also ask that you carefully consider how you will use it, and respect its use in the context of the visual identity guidelines (developed by Glenn Fretz). These instructions guide the user in mating the symbol to your church's name and address in a way that is consistent with its implementation by Mennonite Church Canada.


You may also choose to have your printer/graphic designer work on this with you. If so, simply refer them to this website for the information they need. Printers and graphic designers are knowledgable in this field and generally are trained to understand the language of logo incorporation and symbol reproduction.

You can also enlist the services of logo designer Glenn Fretz for assistance in designing your stationery and signage with the dove logo. Glenn can also assist you in using the appropriate font with the symbol in a way that does not require you to purchase the font. Glenn can provide you with the costs for his services.

We wish you success as you begin the work of incorporating the dove into your congregational communications!


The logo is available in a variety of formats:

  • For pasting into a word processor for letterhead. (Best when printed at small sizes; they will look jagged when printed larger than 3" X 3").
  • For graphic designers, we have both an Adobe Illustrator file [not currently available] or an SVG (scalable vector graphics) file. These provide the best flexibility for changing the size and colour.

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