A Labyrinth for Lent

2021, 8 pp
This labyrinth was first devised and used on an all-age parish weekend. It is something that, once set up, can be allowed to run on its own, to be visited by individuals or groups at their convenience. The idea is to provide a way of taking time out for a spiritual check-up using the format of a visit to a health spa. Lent is the time for this sort of self-examination and perhaps you could set aside part of the church or a hall for a weekend for this activity at the beginning of this season of the church year.

Setting up the labyrinth will need some time and thought. You will need eleven spaces at which those travelling this journey can stop, reflect and take part in a simple activity. A traditional labyrinth has these spaces on the way to and from the centre of a winding path. You can find out more about labyrinths and their patterns on the Internet.

However, keep this simple and merely use whatever large space you have and divide it up into a series of 'rooms', with some partitions if possible (even just chairs) and leave enough space for up to three or four adults and/or children at a time in each area.

In each room there are some objects to be placed (see below) and also some instructions about what to do, including an appropriate Bible verse for reflection. If you have the time and equipment, then recording the words on to MP3 players for individuals to use would be a great idea.

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