Hellbound?: Does Hell Exist? If so, Who Ends Up There, and Why?

directed by Kevin Miller
DVD, 2013, 85 min
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For many people, belief in hell as a place of eternal torment is an indisputable part of Christian orthodoxy. In their view, rejecting or modifying this belief is tantamount to rejecting Christianity, itself. But a growing number of believers disagree. They argue that we can have a loving God or we can have eternal hell, but we can't have both.

Hellbound? is a provocative, critically acclaimed documentary that wades right into the centre of this debate. Featuring interviews with controversial Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll; screenwriting guru (and atheist) Robert McKee; self-proclaimed exorcist Bob Larson; the purveyors of a "hell house" in Dallas, TX; Oderous Urungus, lead singer of the rock band GWAR; and the notorious Westboro Baptists, Hellbound? takes you on a probing, incendiary journey that will ensure you never look at hell the same way again!

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