Year A, Advent to Epiphany, 2013/14: The Mystery of God's Dwelling

2013, 20 pp
This Advent, we invite you to a four-week period of introspection where you ponder what is needed to redeem us from evil’s hold on our lives. What do we need to become more aware of God’s dwelling with us? Instead of experiencing the stress created by trying to do too many good things, focus on what is really needed to live faithfully into God’s mystery this season, the season which starts the church’s worship year. Enter God’s time. Mark your willingness to do so by ringing a bell or chime as part of your family devotions this year. Children will respond positively to this ritualized action.

In these resources, you will experience two major themes: the theme of a home as God’s dwelling, and the theme of wilderness as the place where God dwells to meet and redeem us. The noun and verb form of dwell help to span the mystery of living with God.

The readings begin and end with universal visions of God’s rule. The central readings move into the nitty-gritty specifics of this world, including the specific place where Jesus was born and God took on specific flesh and blood.

Includes separate colouring pages!

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