Zwiebach and Peace

Deborah-Ruth Ferber is a zwiebach eating, borscht loving, Mennonite pacifist who studied religious education at Tyndale University College and is currently in the peace studies program at AMBS. Deborah has a special interest in international development, social justice/social change, and economic justice. Currently she is giving special consideration to exploring the intersection of peace and marginalization and the Theology of Constructing the Other, specifically in relation to people with developmental disabilities. When Deborah is not musing about peace or trying to replenish the diminishing Paska supply, she is usually off being a Mennonite rebel – riding motorcycles and pretending to dance (except that she can’t because she’s a Mennonite).

Do you have a certain topic that you would like Deborah to address on her blog? If so, please send Deborah an email with your request and she will write a blog entry on your topic within 2 or 3 weeks.
PublisherZwiebach and Peace

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