Canadian Church Leaders Address Crises in the Middle East

2013, 8 pp
In May 2013, Willard Metzger, Executive Director, added his signature to 23 others on a letter to Prime Minister Harper advocating for non-violent solutions to conflict in the Middle East.

Concerned about the humanitarian tragedy in Syria, the uncertainty with democratic transitions in Egypt, and the unresolved decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict Canadian church leaders have called on the Prime Minister to respond generously to the refugee crisis, lead in the protection of human rights, and hold firm to obligation of all to respect international law.

Because of their long term relationships in the region and partnerships with organizations working for peace, church leaders have wanted to speak a word of peace together to the various conflicts facing the countries in the Middle East.

Canadian churches are long-time advocates for human rights and peacebuilding, and play a leading role in the resettlement of refugees in Canada.

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