2014 World Fellowship Sunday: Sowing Generously

Money is the way one is paid or reimbursed for the time invested in a particular job. Money comes to represent our very lives given to a project. This is one of the reasons that we give part of our earnings to God’s work. We are giving part of our lives to something for which we are prepared to give our whole lives. Giving support with our finances to our global communion also speaks about the kind of Kingdom we belong to: a Kingdom in which “there is no longer Jew or Greek…slave or free…male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). It is a Kingdom in which nationalisms and financial inequity must be confronted. Sharing financial gifts in our global family is a practical way of encouraging interdependency and mutual love.

We encourage each MWC member body to choose and adapt materials that fit their context, and to translate (if necessary), copy and distribute the materials to all local churches.

Please have someone from your church record how you celebrated the day. MWC would be grateful to hear from you after World Fellowship Sunday so that we can share your experiences with others in the worldwide family of faith.

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