For God and Country: In That Order: Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals

Book, 2013, 225 pp
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The call to arms often thrusts devoted Christians into a dilemma: They want to be responsible citizens who obey the government and love their country. And yet they worship a God who loves all people, including enemies. Throughout history, Christians have responded in various ways - some renouncing violence and military participation, others seeking military service in a godly way.

Both politically relevant and theologically provocative, this field manual seeks to recapture the hearts and minds of Christians trapped between conflicting loyalties to faith and citizenship. Filled with compelling stories and photos, Iraq war veteran Logan Mehl-Laituri creates an almanac of soldier saints and patriot pacifists from the front lines of church history.
TopicWar and Genocide, Military Veterans
PublisherHerald Press

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