Dancing Standing Still: Healing the World from a Place of Prayer

Book, 2014, 105 pp
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Now in a new edition, this thought-provoking book by Richard Rohr offers a critique of religion that often creates an alternative pious world without really challenging oppression, materialism, and sectarianism in our modern world.

Religion, he says, without this contemplative stance is often part of the problem. Drawing from Jesus' parable of the rich man, Rohr believes that religion can only reimagine itself as a transformational system if it passes through the eye of a needle, if it overcomes its own temptation to power, wealth, and fundamentalism.

A true contemplative stance crosses boundaries, is not concerned with who's in and who's out. It is not a worthiness competition. In fact, the accessibility of the contemplative awareness to all is, Rohr believes, the key to the Gospel message that, "The kingdom of heaven is 'hidden in plain sight.'"
PublisherPaulist Press
Collection2014 Summer Reading List, New Resources - May 2014

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